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Adobe 61070200 Upgrade Adobe Designer 9 Windows

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Mfg. & Model:Adobe 61070200
Mfg. Part #:61070200
Description:Upgrade Adobe Designer 9 Windows

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Essential Information
BLT Item #:BBX9997
Manufacturer Part #:61070200
Weight:0.22 lbs.
Suggested Retail Price:$105.00
Manufacturer's website:
Dimensions:9" x 8" x 1"
Return Policy:Standard BLT Return Policy
Technical Information
Description:Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 software, you can create form and document templates that combine high-fidelity dynamic presentation with sophisticated XML data handling. Documents and forms adjust when merged with data to accommodate the content and volume by including or excluding design elements, growing to create space, and paginating automatically. LiveCycle Designer ES2 provides intuitive graphical design capabilities that make it easy to create and deploy templates without deep technical knowledge.
Package Type:Retail
Distribution Media/Method:DVD-ROM
Product Type:Software
Software Main Type:Graphics/Multimedia
Software Sub Type:Graphics/Designing
Software Name:LiveCycle Designer ES2 v.9.0
Features:Create streamlined business logic:With Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 software, development teams can work collaboratively, to create and preview templates, bind XML or ASCII data to back-end systems, and ensure that forms and processes are working together as effectively and efficiently as possible.Use the Action Builder to simplify the creation of common form behaviors. Quickly find and correct programming errors by checking the syntax of FormCalc and JavaScript code.You can also specify the version of Adobe Reader software that a form is targeting, and LiveCycle Designer ES2 will alert the form author when any form objects are used that require a later version of Reader.Enjoy sophisticated data capture:Designer ES2 includes a comprehensive set of data capture field objects like dynamic tables, barcodes, and comb fields.You can integrate with core business systems by using advanced data binding to XML schemas, web services, databases, XML data files, and other sources. You can select from a list of common patterns, or easily create your own to control the input formats and validation of the data.Work with flexible print controls:PDF Print options with Designer ES2 enable you to specify default options for printing from Adobe Reader, such as number of copies, duplex/simplex, and printing automatically on open. You can also take advantage of a variety of label printer support options and RFID barcodes.Design with advanced layout capabilities:With Designer ES2, you can completely preserve the appearance of imported PDF documents. PDF "artwork" serves as a background on which form fields can be placed, so that forms can be quickly created with no touchup of the layout.You also have typographical controls such as automatic pair kerning, horizontal and vertical scaling, letter spacing, and hyphenation. And Designer ES2 also provides spell-check, customizable user dictionaries, and the ability to add additional dictionaries.Improve efficiency with form fragments:A form fragment is a collection of fields or objects that are grouped together, such as your company description, address block, financial information, and so on.Whenever a new form is needed, you can pull together predefined fragments rather than creating a form from scratch one field or object at a time. Since fragments are stored in a file system or in the LiveCycle repository and are referenced by XML templates, fragments are also useful when updating large collections of form templates.Any time a fragment is updated, the templates that reference it are automatically updated as well, saving significant development time.
Language Supported:Universal English
Platform Supported:PC
Operating System Supported:Windows
License Type:Upgrade Package
License Pricing:Standard
License Quantity:1 User
Package / Shipping Information
Weight:0.22 lbs.

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